Letter to Superintendent Tony Thurmond (Mask Mandates)

In May, I had written a letter to Superintendent Tony Thurmond, California Department of Education, urging them to reconsider the mask mandate for our students.

Locally, the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) is anticipating the following to be dictated for the fall school term from the California Department of Public Health:

- K-8 students MUST wear masks, due to the fact that most children in this age group have not been immunized.

- 9-12 high school students will NOT have to wear a mask with vaccines currently available.

- All school personnel MUST wear a mask throughout the school day.

**The final decision from the California Department of Public Health is expected to be issued in the upcoming weeks.


We must act quickly so our children and state can climb out of this unfortunate situation as soon as possible and return people's lives back to a sense of normalcy. I believe this can be done safely and responsibly! #CommonSenseSolutions #Education #MaskMandate #Covid19

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