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This past weekend 126,000 gallons of oil spilled into the ocean from an offshore rig near the Huntington Beach and Newport Beach shores. This oil spill is now one of the largest in Orange County history and will undoubtedly cause some environmental challenges in the years ahead.
Did you know? Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death among U.S. teens. Additionally - Teen drivers have crash rates 3 times higher per mile driven, than drivers age 20 and older. By simply educating our teens, we can help prevent such tragic deaths and injuries behind the wheel! The Automobile Club of Southern California is committed to helping teens AND parents navigate the learning-to-drive process by providing the critical information they need to know before teens take the wheel. They are currently providing a FREE virtual workshop that provides resources and walks pre-…
I just recently completed my first year in the California State Assembly and the experience has been both engaging and enlightening. It has been an incredible experience watching how these bills move through the legislative process and become enacted into law. As a new Assemblymember, I am extremely proud of my six bills that were passed unanimously through the California State Legislature this year. AB 381, 419 and 938 have been signed by the Governor into law and four other bills are on the Governor’s desk awaiting for his signature. In the coming weeks, my capitol and district staff will…
BREAKING NEWS! Democratic lawmakers have dropped the controversial proposal, Assembly Bill 455, to mandate vaccines in California! This is clearly a testament to the thousands of calls and emails made in the last couple of days by California residents. As your Assemblywoman, I will continue to OPPOSE all bills that force vaccine mandates on our state. #AB455 #NoOn455 READ MORE:  
The dramatic rise in violent crime is one of the most talked about issues amongst Californians. Law enforcement agencies across the state are fighting an uphill battle as they advocate for funding to protect our communities. In the last year alone, homicides increased by over 30%, aggravated assaults rose by nearly 10%, and assaults with a firearm saw an almost 40% increase. Law enforcement must be fully funded and supporting the men and women in uniform who protect and serve our communities must be prioritized!
As a firm believer in personal liberty and freedom, I am 100% opposed to any proposed vaccine mandates. The only people who should be involved in the healthcare conversation should be the individual and their doctor. If a vaccine is the right choice for them and their family, we should support that choice. Health mandates do more harm than good and I urge my colleagues to oppose any and all mandates moving forward.
What happened to common-sense thinking? They say they care about our public safety and well-being and then present bills like #SB519 that say otherwise! As your Assemblywoman, I am working hard to ensure that #PublicSafety NEVER takes a back seat! Read More:  
Two down, four to go! #CommonSenseSolutions #California #AD73 #AB938 creates the opportunity to clean up old, obsolete codes by bringing them up to 21st-century terms and implementation. || Read More:
I am optimistic and hopeful that by continuing my bipartisan working-relationships with other Members and Senators of the Legislature, I can get these bills on the Governor's desk for his signature.
As the representative for southern Orange County and the many fishing communities in my district, I am 100% opposed to the proposed regulations the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are set to decide on related to commercial vessel engines. Many of these vessels are run by small businesses and have expressed fear that these new rules would halt operations permanently. In 2018 alone, Orange County saw a record 50 million tourists visit our area. Many of these tourists partake in safe and environmentally-friendly aquatic adventure tours aboard these vessels. According to stakeholders,…