Assemblyman Brough Introduces Legislation to Make California Competitve Again

SACRAMENTO -- Assemblyman Bill Brough (R – Dana Point) introduced AB 1900 – an economic incentive package that could be the catalyst for large employers like Amazon and Apple to locate and expand in California.

"California needs to shed its image as an unfriendly business state," said Brough. “For every reason a corporation should choose California, which includes a diverse, highly educated, tech-savvy workforce, and top-ranked universities, ports, and international airports, there remain concerns by many citing the state's high taxes and burdensome regulations.”

Since 2012, the Tax Foundation has ranked California as one of the worst states for taxes and Chief Executive Magazine named California the most unfriendly state towards business.

"California must remember that in today's global economy location is not permanent, but a choice. The intent of this bill is to make the choice easier to locate business, suppliers, contracts, and investment in California," said Brough.

Brough's economic package will provide financial incentives and changes to the regulatory and environmental processes to benefit California’s economy and bring good paying jobs back to the Golden State.

This bill reestablishes a property tax abatement to spur construction and development and gives local governments the tools needed to attract large facilities to their communities. In addition, the bill includes an expanded hiring credit to aid employing Californians.

“For too long, headlines have read businesses like Nestle, Boeing, Hershey’s – and untold small businesses – are leaving California for states that offer greater economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and workers alike. California needs to compete. We need to focus on attracting businesses, employing Californians, and growing our economy,” concluded Brough.