Assemblyman Brough Introduces Bill to Repeal the Gas Tax

SACRAMENTO – On the day the Legislature returned for the 2018 session, Assemblyman Bill Brough (R–Dana Point) introduced Assembly Bill 1756, which would repeal the Gas Tax (Senate Bill 1, Beall) that took effect last November.

“Last year, Sacramento Democrats robbed every Californian of their voice and robbed them of their paychecks by unilaterally imposing the largest gas tax in state history,” said Brough. “While continually deferring to pay for road maintenance, the state’s General Fund revenue and spending has reached an all-time high. We should be using the tax dollars Californians already pay to fix our roads instead of asking them for more.”

Senate Bill 1 imposed a 12 cent per gallon increase on the gasoline tax, a 20 cent per gallon increase in the diesel excise tax, and changed vehicle registration prices from ranging between $25 and $175 based on the vehicle. These new taxes will amount to an annual increase of $5.2 Billion a year in new revenue.

“Repealing the Gas Tax puts spending to fix California’s road infrastructure a priority in the State Budget rather than asking Californians to bail out the Legislature for poor planning,” concluded Brough.