Davies Dispatch – San Onofre Nuclear Waste. Remove It & Stop Taxpayer Waste!

We all want to protect our beautiful coastline. But when the decision was made to close San Onofre, it reduced our then-generating capacity in California by 10%. And while Edison found a way to meet that demand back then, California’s demand continues to grow.

No one enjoys Summer blackouts and brownouts up and down our State! California needs to invest in its infrastructure.

Worse still: American taxpayers are footing the bill for the federal government’s partial breach of contract; that spent fuel was supposed to be removed and stored elsewhere starting in 1998. But it still sits at San Onofre and other sites around the State – at a cost of $2 MILLION A DAY, $9 BILLION SINCE INCEPTION – for spent fuel stranded here in Orange County, around the State and parts of the Country.

I toured San Onofre last week and while I am confident it’s being stored safely and responsibly, I’m appalled by dollars wasted.

We need to get spent fuel OUT of San Onofre, and taxpayer dollars need to be respected!